High Middenden

High Middenden is set in the early 1960s, on the Kent & East Sussex Railway. It is at the end of a short fictional branch, near Frittenden and Biddenden. The line from High Middenden to Headcorn was leased to a sand company after it was closed by B.R. Sand dug at Sandpit Wood was taken to the Southern Region main line at Headcorn. Trains from Sandpit Wood have to reverse at High Middenden.

The model railway is to 4mm scale, OO Gauge. It is run with a selection of industrial locomotives, together with locomotives that have been sold or leased by B.R. As well as rakes of sand wagons, there are various support and stores trains.

For Exhibition Managers:

Owner: Andrew Hastings

Size: 8 x 5

Operators: 2

Table Requirement: Small table for stock

Barriers: Yes

Expenses: Fuel for one car

Insurance Value: 3,000