Rogue's Lane Depot

Set in B.R. Eastern Region 1950's, Rogue's Lane Depot is a micro layout, built on an offcut 4' long and 10" wide. A sector plate replaces the points in the depot throat.

There is a real Rogue's Lane, near Papworth Everard in Cambridgeshire. My "Rogue's Lane Depot" however is set further north in the Fens. The layout has been deliberately designed so that the location is vague - possibly Wissington-ish, Benwick-ish or Outwell-ish.

There are two ways of operating the layout. Firstly, a normal mix of coal, agricultural goods, sundries, fruit and vegetables is worked into and out of the depot, and is supplemented by sand traffic. Secondly, as a game, where each wagon has a card identifying it. The cards are shuffled, set out and then the wagons have to be shunted into position.

For Exhibition Managers:

Layout Size: 4 x 10"

Total Floor Space: 5 x 5'

Requires a table to support the layout, & 2 chairs

Barriers: Preferable

Operators: 2

Owner: Andrew Hastings

Expenses: Petrol for one car