Warren Hill

Warren Hill depicts a small ex Eastern Counties Railway station under British Railways auspices circa 1948/62. It appears to be the end of the line but in fact trains are reversed here to continue on to the end of the branch. Over time the station became more important than the actual terminus. Extra goods traffic for the large Agricultural engineering works being served by the goods yard and an off scene private siding. The colour scheme of the railway buildings is that of the LNER which became part of BR in 1948. There are still buildings displaying this colour scheme today some 60 years later. There is also evidence of the years when Warren Hill was part of The Great Eastern Railway, most of the steam locomotives originating from that company. The majority of buildings and rolling stock are kit or scratch built. The operating system is DCC

For Exhibition Managers:

Size (total floor space): 12' 6" x 8' (freestanding)

Operators: Three

Owner: Terry Cooke

Expenses: Fuel for one van.

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